Candidate Services


The Search

Upon receipt of your resume, a profile will be completed to determine your geographic preferences, requirements and family considerations. 

Resumes will only be submitted upon your approval. 

You will be placed in front of the people with decision making capabilities. 

Our clients will know you are special since we selected you specifically to fill their position. 

Our knowledge and understanding of the companies and industries will aid in your decision making process. 

We will prep you for interviews and follow up to their conclusions. 

Your inquiries and opportunities will be held in strict confidence.

The Offer

We will verbally discuss potential offers to determine your interest.

We will present the formal offer to you and submit the executed copy to the company. 

The Transition

We will guide you through the resignation phase and provide you with suggestions to make it easier.

We will advise you of the many dangers and pitfalls of a counteroffer and how they can dramatically reduce your chances of achieving your career potential.

We will continue the dialogue between you and the client to insure a smooth transition.

The internet has many applications you can use that compare earning power, calculate the cost of a move, provide school reports, city reports, real estate and apartment information, movers and moving tips. 

Employer Services


The Search

We remove the tedious and time consuming task of finding the right candidate to complete your organizational structure from your daily schedule.

The assignment can be structured: as an exclusive, with an engagement fee, or as a contingency.

Specific requirements you are seeking, such as technical and educational requirements, certifications, management style, responsibilities, salary and location will be detailed for the search assignment.

Any unique situations or financial issues surrounding the company will be documented to avoid contacting candidates who are not interested in such opportunities.

Candidates will be identified and screened to determine compatibility and interest, with the short-list of finalists presented.

We will coordinate interviews and follow up with both parties to the conclusion. 

The Offer

We will confirm the interest of both parties and proceed to obtain an agreement in principle.

Reference checks will be completed.We will present the formal offer to the candidate, obtain a signature, and confirm the start date. 

The Transition

We significantly reduce the likelihood of counteroffers as we guide the candidate through the resignation process.

We continue to facilitate contact between the candidate and the client, in the interim period, to reinforce the relationship and insure a smooth transition.  

A Note for Hiring Managers

Our many years of recruiting experience have shown that the desired results are obtained much more efficiently when working directly with both the hiring and human resource managers. Even if it is only an initial conversation at the beginning of the process, valuable information can be acquired from the hiring manager’s perspective