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LGA Recruiters was founded in 1999 by Lynn Gromann, who began her career as a plant controller for a manufactured housing plant, was a controller in the retail industry, and returned to the factory-built structures industry to launch LGA Recruiters. 

Our company is committed to finding the best candidates to help catapult businesses forward, while enhancing candidates' careers and opportunities. We recognize that every person, every position and every company has something unique that sets them apart from their competitors, so when you describe the candidate you are seeking, or the direction you want your job search to take…….we listen.

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Our company focuses nationally on all manufacturing management positions within the factory-built structures industry at the plant, regional and corporate levels. This includes positions for companies constructing residential or commercial buildings in a manufacturing environment, which are classified as: 

Single-Family Modular homes

Manufactured homes (mobile homes)

Multi-Family Modular Units

Commercial Modular buildings

Educational and Medical Facilities

Workforce Housing

Student Housing

Government Buildings and Barracks

Tiny Homes

Park Models

Log homes

Post and beam homes

Panelized homes

Proven Track Record



We have successfully filled positions for our clients, at the plant, regional and corporate levels, including: 

C-Level Managers

VP and Director level Managers

General Managers

Plant Managers

Production Managers and Supervisors

Quality Managers

Material Managers

Service Managers

Sales Managers

Territory Sales Representatives

Engineering Managers

AutoCAD drafters 


Revit Drafters

Controllers / Cost Accountants

Project Managers


Job Listings


VP of Operations / Midwest / MOD

Director of Architecture & Design /  Upper Midwest / Multi-family MOD

Professional Engineer / Upper Midwest / Multi-family MOD

Director of Manufacturing Processes / Midwest / HUD-MOD

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Production Manager / Southeast / Container - MOD

Production Manager / Southeast / HUD -MOD

Production Manager / Southwest / Bi-lingual / HUD-MOD

Project / Construction Manager / Pacific NW / Commercial MOD

Project / Construction Manager / Southwest / Commercial MOD

Assistant Production Manager / Southeast / HUD-MOD

Production Manager / South / Commercial MOD

Production Manager / Southwest / Commercial MOD

HVAC Supervisor / Pacific NW / Commercial MOD

Production Manager / Upper Midwest /HUD-MOD

Production Manager / South / HUD-MOD  (2)

Production Manager /  Pacific NW / Commercial MOD

Production Supervisors / Southeast / HUD-MOD

Production Supervisors  Midwest / HUD-MOD

Production Supervisors / South  HUD-MOD

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Sales Coordinator / South / Commercial MOD

Sales Manager / South / HUD-MOD

Sales Manager / Pacific NW / MOD

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Engineering Manager / Southeast / HUD-MOD

Engineering Manager / HUD-MOD / Southwest

AutoCAD Drafter / MOD & Commercial / Midwest

AutoCAD Drafter / MOD / Upper Midwest

Revit Designer / Commercial MOD / Upper Midwest

Design & Estimating Manager / Commercial MOD / South

Industrial Engineer / Southwest  HUD / MOD

Engineering Manager / Pacific NW / Commercial MOD

Revit Designer / Midwest / Commercial MOD

Engineering Manager / Pacific NW / MOD 

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Estimator / Southwest / Commercial MOD

Materials Manager / South / HUD-MOD

Estimator / South / Commercial MOD

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Service Manager / South / HUD-MOD

Quality Manager / Southeast / HUD-MOD

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